Hello World – Wrens have arrived!

Hello Wren Class Family!

The Wrens have had the most incredible start to school life. I am so thrilled with how they have all settled and have managed to overcome most little wobbles (especially in the mornings).

The children have really enjoyed being together as a whole class and are beginning to remember lots of names and make new friends. They are embracing our school values and starting to use the words “independent, respect, collaboration and responsibility” in their own conversations and especially when putting gems in the pot. Although their are still some values  to learn, and some rules to get to grips with, I couldn’t be happier with the level of confidence I see within the classroom from all of the children.

Today, we sat in our “Learning Lines” for the first time and did a more formal and short teaching session. We recapped on writing the curly c that we learnt yesterday and listened for words beginning with “C”. We also went on a shape hunt and we have drawn family portraits!

Next week, in maths, we are going to be recognising dot patterns on a dice, practising accurate counting, and partitioning six in different ways. In our English learning, we are going to be sequencing “The Little Red Hen” story, making up a new ending and beginning to learn to read and write sounds a, o, s.  In our topic work, we are going to learn all about Harvest, paint harvest pictures and explore vegetables and how they grow.  It is going to a busy week.

I do hope your Wren is enjoying practising circles with their swirlers, please keep this going for the next week or so if you can as it really does help with developing the muscles the children need to support writing. I have also sent home some shape homework for you to do with your Wren. They all really loved the activity in school and I am sure you will be blown away at just how many shapes they are  seeing in the world around them.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday for our first full week.

P.S – please send in a small piece of fruit for your Wren to have in afternoon play. If possible, no plastic bags please – just write your child’s name on the snack. For raisins or grapes (WHICH MUST BE SLICED),   a small plastic pot will be fine.

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