Hands Up if you are feeling tired!

Hello Wren Class Families!

I think we had lots of tired little bunnies today but the children still managed to work hard and try their best even though they were flagging. Next week I have planned lots of small group work to help tick over the seventh week of the term.

This week has been lovely and we have really enjoyed spending time with the children making Jam sandwiches (which was part of our work on instruction texts). My goodness – they really did hoover them up, I loved their appetites!

In maths we have been using language of measurement to compare objects. I have put some home-learning in the reading folders if you feel you would like to see you Wren in action and measuring. Please don’t feel obliged though – there is no pressure if you are busy doing family things, it is optional. We used bananas to measure a Wren this week and have used cubes to measure slippers. The main aim is to get the children using language like: longer,shorter, taller, tallest, tall, short etc. They can find things bigger/smaller then the stick or measure how many sticks long/big/tall something is. It is lovely to have your voice in the learning logs so if you could make a comment on your child’s learning, I would appreciate it.

Also, another request for parent helpers, if you do have any time to come and support our little poppets, all help would be gratefully received – even if it is just an hour!

Finally, I have now followed you all on Twitter so you can now private message me any photos or information on learning. Please be aware though that any issues regarding your child must still be communicated via the home/school diary and phone calls as there may be times i don’t pick messages up especially if is a weekend.

Here are your long awaited photos, have a wonderful, bluster weekend!

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