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Christmas here we come…

Well, we had to start those Christmas songs at some point this term and this week seemed a good a time as any. The children have loved the catchy tunes and I have heard them singing them whilst they have been playing. It is a really lovely time of year and I love to see the excitement building in them. It is one of my favourite terms!

I have also loved learning about Diwali with the Wrens -they are so interested in learning about a different culture. Today, some of the children made a shrine with Mrs Taylor and we are hoping that next week, they will teach the rest of the Wrens how to do this and talk about all the different Diwali resources and what they are used for. We are also going to be making diva lamps from clay. We found out how to make candles from cotton wool and butter so we will be doing this in the following week.

As you are aware, we have been learning to use maths words to compare weights and heights this week. I have sent homework to you in the reading folders so that you can see how brilliant your little poppets are doing with using some really complex skills. I would love pictures via twitter (private message is fine with me). I can then print them and add them to your child’s maths learning log.

In Letters and Sounds, we have finished learning the Long Ladder Sounds and are moving swiftly on to short ladders next week Please keep going with practising at home as it really does accelerate progress.  We have been getting used to the term “non-fiction” and talking about the difference between these types of books with story books (fiction). I find it helps to begin to drip in the correct terminology now to help prepare them children for learning in Year One.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your photos!


Wrens beginning to fly…

Hi Everyone

We have had such a busy week but is has been great fun. In maths we have been “adding on one more” and beginning to add numbers together. Next week we are exploring weights and measures and we will be using the language of comparison to talk about things that are taller/shorter/longer/heavier/lighter.

In Letters and Sounds and our English work, we have been writing letters to Mr. Williams to say “Thank you” for our new garden area. The children also drew pictures of him (which made me laugh..a lot!) and I have sent those off this week,  I am sure he will be thrilled to receive them. The children have clearly been taking in lots of information because in RE with Mrs Green, when the children  were talking about people who were special them, they actually said that Mr Williams was very special because he made our garden lovely. I think that is so nice of our Wrens – what little poppets they are!

We have also been have lots of chats about “choosing respect” which is the anti-bullying theme for this year. Over the term, Wrens will be thinking about how they show respect and who shows respect to them and we will be using their ideas to make a film which we will share with the rest of the school next term.

Next week in our topic work, we are going to be using non-fiction books and technology to learn about Diwali. As we continue through the term, we will be comparing Diwali with Christmas and noting similarities and differences.

We have some great words on our Vocabulary wall so far. It would be great if you could talk to your Wren about the words and please, do let me know if you hear them use these at home – I would find that so exciting: ceremony, festival, celebration, invite, altogether (we used this in maths). Next we are adding: Diwali, rangoli, Hindu, pray, diya (or diva, as in diva lamp).

Have a lovely weekend, I look forward to catching up with you at Parents Evening on Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!


On your marks, get set…

Hello Everyone!

I do hope you are enjoying your holiday and are finding time to rest, relax and enjoy family time.  If you went Trick or Treating last night, I do hope you had fun, I expect the Wrens were really excited about collecting lots of goodies!

We are going to be having a really busy term which will culminate in a lovely Christmas play. Our topic for the term is “Festivals and Celebrations”. We will be learning about the different ways we celebrate and compare what we do with celebrations in different cultures.

I am planning a little surprise for the Wrens for the first day back, but as it is still work in progress, I will be texting you at the weekend to let you know if we can definitely go ahead.

We are currently having new equipment fitted in the garden area and I wanted to do a “Garden Opening” celebration to kick start our topic. We plan to set the area up and invite parents to stay and play for half an hour (with tea and biscuits provided).  As the workmen are still, it will be a case of “Watch this Space” but I feel very excited! If we go ahead, I will ask you all to take the children to the top playground and wait  for us to come and get you so we can all go into the area together. It will be lovely and I cannot wait to see their little faces!

Here are some photos, I will be in touch!