On your marks, get set…

Hello Everyone!

I do hope you are enjoying your holiday and are finding time to rest, relax and enjoy family time.  If you went Trick or Treating last night, I do hope you had fun, I expect the Wrens were really excited about collecting lots of goodies!

We are going to be having a really busy term which will culminate in a lovely Christmas play. Our topic for the term is “Festivals and Celebrations”. We will be learning about the different ways we celebrate and compare what we do with celebrations in different cultures.

I am planning a little surprise for the Wrens for the first day back, but as it is still work in progress, I will be texting you at the weekend to let you know if we can definitely go ahead.

We are currently having new equipment fitted in the garden area and I wanted to do a “Garden Opening” celebration to kick start our topic. We plan to set the area up and invite parents to stay and play for half an hour (with tea and biscuits provided).  As the workmen are still, it will be a case of “Watch this Space” but I feel very excited! If we go ahead, I will ask you all to take the children to the top playground and wait  for us to come and get you so we can all go into the area together. It will be lovely and I cannot wait to see their little faces!

Here are some photos, I will be in touch!

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