Christmas here we come…

Well, we had to start those Christmas songs at some point this term and this week seemed a good a time as any. The children have loved the catchy tunes and I have heard them singing them whilst they have been playing. It is a really lovely time of year and I love to see the excitement building in them. It is one of my favourite terms!

I have also loved learning about Diwali with the Wrens -they are so interested in learning about a different culture. Today, some of the children made a shrine with Mrs Taylor and we are hoping that next week, they will teach the rest of the Wrens how to do this and talk about all the different Diwali resources and what they are used for. We are also going to be making diva lamps from clay. We found out how to make candles from cotton wool and butter so we will be doing this in the following week.

As you are aware, we have been learning to use maths words to compare weights and heights this week. I have sent homework to you in the reading folders so that you can see how brilliant your little poppets are doing with using some really complex skills. I would love pictures via twitter (private message is fine with me). I can then print them and add them to your child’s maths learning log.

In Letters and Sounds, we have finished learning the Long Ladder Sounds and are moving swiftly on to short ladders next week Please keep going with practising at home as it really does accelerate progress.  We have been getting used to the term “non-fiction” and talking about the difference between these types of books with story books (fiction). I find it helps to begin to drip in the correct terminology now to help prepare them children for learning in Year One.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your photos!


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