The final countdown…

The coming two weeks are going to be such good fun – it is the best time of year to be a teacher and it is so exciting to be surrounded by little people who have so much enthusiasm for  the coming festival.

Over the next and half, we will begin our rehearsals for the play, the children will go into the main hall, in small groups, for short bursts to practice their parts. Whilst this is happening, the Wrens in the classroom will be having a massive focus on learning to read and write their current target set of sounds. It would be really amazing if we could get at many Wrens as possible onto short ladder sounds by the end of term. If you could find a few minutes each day to practice with your child to help their progress, it would be so beneficial.

We have our Monster Maths Party next Thursday a 9am and I hope that you can join us for that. Please feel free to bring siblings with you.  The children have been practising drawing maths stories this week to show how they add.  You will see from the pictures below that they have been drawing three circles to show the concept of adding using the part/part/whole model.  We have talked a lot about using the “altogether” circle. This is how adding is taught in year one so will be very helpful for transition to Year One. Next week, the children will be doing a number trail  to practice their adding skills independently.

Have a great weekend Wren Class Families, see you all bright and early Monday for the cinema trip – we are all so excited about



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