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We have hit the ground running…

Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a real pleasure being back with the Wrens this week. All of the Wrens have grown over the holidays and have come back to school ready to take on new challenges.

We have started our Bike and Read/Write sessions this week. The class have been put into two groups so that teaching can be more targeted and the smaller groups mean I can teach and support more closely to help the children take learning steps. We will be out on the bikes most days now so warm gloves, hats, coats and scarves are essential.

In maths this week, we have been playing games to help with recognition of dot patterns and numbers that are shown in different formats such as finger patterns and dots on tens frames. Recognising dot patterns is a brilliant skill to have as it supports so many valuable maths functions. If you have dice games at home, see if you Wren can impress you with some of the patterns they have learnt this week.

Here are some photos of some writing work we did today in a “slow write”.This is where the children and I created and wrote a sentence together, writing and sounding out each word. All of the children wrote a sentence today and I was thrilled with how hard they worked.

Have a great weekend Wren Class Families!

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